Portable Toilet Rental Software

With a portable toilet rental software like Route Manager’s Sanitation Manager (SanMan), portable sanitation equipment rental companies can efficiently manage all facets of their business. SanMan is an industry-specific, cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any internet-connected device to streamline sales, jobs, invoicing, dispatching, asset tracking, customers, subcontracting, and more.

What is Portable Toilet Rental Software?

No matter your role, portable toilet rental software gives each team member the visibility they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. It helps with route management, job management, accounting, inventory management, and more. This software helps you stay organized so that your business can flourish!

SanMan Features

Our team at RMSD Inc. is constantly updating the Sanitation Manager to make sure it caters to the needs of today’s hardworking contractors. Check out just a few of the features below. We want to partner with you and make sure that our software performs the way you need it to.

Portable Toilet Dispatch and Route Management

Manage portable toilet deliveries, pickups,  servicing, and exchanges with our dispatching and routing features. This will keep employees on track and business moving smoothly. You can also set up customer delivery notifications, adding to the customer experience.

Portable Toilet Job Management

Easily enter new customer and job information in one place. Stop wasting time switching between pen/paper, online spreadsheets, and more. Everything is done with a few clicks.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Improve your cash flow  with our accounting features. Easily set up various types of billing cycles (one-time, multi-day cycles, or monthly) so that you are sure to get paid. Forget about duplicate entries in your system, automate everything with us.

Portable Toilet Inventory Management

Keep track of your assets (portable toilets, restroom trailers, hand washing stations & more). You can view available units for all of your products and schedule jobs with confidence because you’ll know how many units you’ll have available for future dates.

Portable Toilet Software Security

We take pride in our technology’s security by hosting the software on security enhance servers and using encrypted client/server communications.

How can portable toilet rental business software help you?

A software like SanMan allows you to optimize your business operations so that you can focus on expanding! All of your employees will be able to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. It also helps with customer retention because your employees will be able to view customer information and job history before arriving at the job site. That way they can greet the customer by name and provide a more personable portable toilet rental experience.

Contact us today for more information about our SanMan software and we can also give you a free demo!